Scientists Have Missed the Sun’s Role on Climate Change Miserably

The sun plays a very important role in our planet. Our planet and everything in it could not survive without the sun. We need the sun in our daily existence while it controls a big part of the climate .The climate depends on how close to the sun is to the different regions.

It’s surprising therefore, how scientists could miss it, how important the role it plays regarding its relation to climate change. It’s always up there every day, a dominant figure in our daily lives and yet we seem to miss the role it plays in our planetary concerns.

At present, the unsettling climate change has persuaded scientists to examine how the sun may be affecting this noticeable change in the climate, or if there is actually any relevance.

Professor Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz of the Aarhus Universit, explained: “We know that the Sun is very important for our climate, but the impact is not clear. Climate change appears to be either strengthened or weakened by solar activity. The extent of the Sun’s influence over time is thus not constant, but we can conclude that the climate system is more receptive to the impact of the Sun during cold periods – at least in the North Atlantic region.”

Scientists are now using diatoms or marine algae in sea sediments around the North Atlantic region to help analyze and gather data concerning weather and climate shifts from various locations in the past.

Professor Sidenkrantz goes on to say, “Our climate is enormously complex. By gathering knowledge piece by piece about the way the individual elements work together and influence each other to either strengthen an effect or mitigate or compensate for an impact, we can gradually get an overall picture of the mechanisms. This is also important for understanding how human-induced climate change can affect and be affected in this interaction.”

Most likely, the study will give us an idea on what we could contribute or change so that we can stop a disastrous future of a sudden climate change.

If there is still a chance that we could all cooperate with nature, we may be able to greatly influence the future generations.


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