Come This May Double Chins Will Be History, Kythera

One of the worst thing that could happen to your face is growing another chin. It’s a sign that you have grown old or have grown fat. No matter how good looking you are or how you dress up, that double chin will somehow always manage to spoil the view.

Fret not. There’s a new treatment that will effectively remove that second chin effectively. An injection to eradicate it once and for all it has just been invented. The double chin reduction technique involves an injection manufactured by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals Inc.

It has passed the first FDA evaluation procedure and well on its way of getting approved. The FDA noted that the drug is highly beneficial and the risks very minimal.

The drug maker’s stock surged to as high as 25% as investors see an opportunity of betting on the first drug to could get an FDA approval to help limit fat deposits in the body.

Kythera’s drug is known as ATX-101, is made of deoxycholic acid which wipes out only the adipose fats found under the chin but ignores the fat or adipose tissues surrounding it.

Current fat cell extraction consists of surgical procedure using general anesthesia and the popular liposuction method.

There were no safety concerns found related to ATX-101 even with prolonged use, according to the FDA reviewers last Thursday.

On Monday, there will be a meeting involving an independent panel of experts to talk about the drug and come up with the recommendation for the FDA to approve it. The agency usually accepts the panel’s recommendation for approval. .

Leerink Partners analyst Seamus Fernandez said the drug is expected to get the nod by May 13 during which the FDA will give its final approval.

It was in 2014 that Kythera started marketing the drug outside of the U.S. and Canada from a unit of Germany’s Bayer AG.

The drug is also being evaluated by Canadian and Swiss drug regulators.



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