Remains of old Human Progress Discovered in Honduran Wilderness

Archaeologists working in the thick wilderness of Honduras have discovered many antiquities at a site where they believe twin urban areas from an ancient civilization once flourished, the head of the country’s anthropology institute said on Wednesday.

The antiquities uncovered at the site, in the eastern Mosquitia area of Honduras, point to a progress with cutting edge creative and designing abilities and are unique from old Mayan cites known to the district, said Virgilio Paredes, head of the national anthropology and history institute.

No one had been there in over 600 years,” he said.

The wildernesses of Mosquitia are found around 200 miles (322 km) upper east of the Honduran capital.

Paredes said 52 items, including for the mostly-buried stone figures bearing a resemblance to men and panthers and the remaining parts of a pyramid and different structures, have been recognized by a team of specialists from the United States and Honduras.

He said it is not clear if the revelation is associated with the legendary White City initially specified by Spanish colonizers in the sixteenth century or the lost “City of the Monkey God” promoted by American explorer Theodore Morde who asserted he made the discovery in the same area of Honduras in 1939.

The civilization’s name is still obscure and uncertain.

“What we do know is that the site covers two cities that were heavily populated,” said Paredes.

The pre-Colombian remains are considered to date from somewhere around 1,000 and 1,200 A.D. furthermore were initially recognized in 2012 utilizing aeronautical mapping strategies.

Honduras was inhabited by the Maya during the first thousand years of its existence. According to history, Columbus went to the country and made an exploratory trip there in the year 1502. It was under the rule of Spain until it declared independence from in 1821. The country was already populated by natives before the Spaniards came to subjugate it.


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