Connecting the Atlantic And Pacific Oceans will result in improved world economy: Environmentalists would have none of it

A private company, the Hong Kong Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Company (HKND), is building a 172-mile, $50 billion transoceanic canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This is in collaboration between the private Hong Kong Company and the Nicaraguan government, which granted the concession last June.

The preparation for the project has begun with the construction of roads intended to be used for the conveyance of heavy equipment and construction supplies. It will be known as the Nicaragua Interoceanic canal which will be longer, wider and deeper than the 51-mile Panama Canal. It’s going to be one of the greatest structures in the planet without a doubt.

The report quoted that according to Rice University environmental engineer Pedro Alvarez, a co-corresponding author of a paper titled “Scientists Raise Alarms About Fast Tracking of Transoceanic Canal Through Nicaragua,” said that the project’s “biggest environmental challenge is to build and operate the canal without catastrophic impacts to this sensitive ecosystem”.

As stated by Alvarez, “Significant impacts to the lake could result from incidental or accidental spills from 5,100 ships passing through every year; invasive species brought by transoceanic ships, which could threaten the extinction of aquatic plants and fish, such as the cichlids that have been evolving since the lake’s formation; and frequent dredging, impacting aquatic life through alterations in turbidity and hypoxia, triggered by resuspension of nutrients and organic matter that exert a relatively high biochemical oxygen demand.”

CNN reported that the group behind the canal’s development, HKND, was given a 50-year allowance by Nicaraguan government back in 2013 to build and operate the canal. The first Ships scheduled to pass through the canal will be late in 2019. What are your opinions on the construction of this $50 billion canal’s projected for the passageway through the largest tropical freshwater lake in the Americas, Lake Nicaragua?




  1. Tom Mariner says

    Does a lot of what China is doing look familiar? It should — they have read the US history of a century ago when we honored inventors and builders.

    There are mega-projects funded by and actually built by China with the cooperation of local governments. Even third world leaders want the “fundamental change” that each of their citizens is instantly the same economic state as the rest, but understand that if somebody is willing to build big things on their dirt, their citizens are going to win faster, even if they don’t own or control a bit of it.

    Everyone in the China is in on it — they encourage the accumulation of great wealth because they know it is needed for big ideas that grow a country and its people. They understand manufacturing is the key because you can have all the great ideas you want, but unless somebody can buy the thing, you’re still a poor smart person.

    Meanwhile the US honors those who interpret rules and who play games and can talk pretty. Guess whose citizens are going to be able to travel and buy and innovate in the future.

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