Michigan’s Frog and Toad Survey Celebrates Its 20th Year

Michigan’s yearly frog and toad survey has entered its twentieth year and the state authorities are looking for volunteers to go along with it. As indicated by researchers, amphibian population has been declining since the 1980s because of contamination, malady and habitat loss.

The frog and toad survey of Michigan is led along a system of ways, each with 10 destinations. Amid the study, volunteers visit the areas three times each spring, when frogs and frogs breed. They distinguish the types of frogs, listen for calls and figure what number of people there are. Biologists of Department of Natural Resources dissect the information accumulated by onlookers to monitor toad and frog circulation.

Presently, Michigan authorities have been looking for volunteers to help with the yearly frog and toad survey of the state to tally the amphibian population. As per Lori Sargent, facilitator of the review, the authorities have enough data to perceive patterns and help efforts to slow down the decrease of some species.

According to reports, during this yearly survey, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources will attempt to get a precise figure about the frog population in the state. The survey majorly relies upon volunteers who wander over the state to gather information on toads and frogs that will be analyzed by authorities of DNR Wildlife Division.

Lori Sargent said, “More volunteers are needed in all parts of the state. Please consider joining us for a fun, educational time every spring and adopt a route. The continued success of the program is dependent on strong volunteer support”.

This is one of the most unique surveys in the world for it uses the ears rather than the eyes in determining the number of frog or toads that might be around. The ears play the most crucial role here rather than the eyes for once.



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