NASA Examining ‘short out’ Glitch that has Sidelined Mars Curiosity Rover

NASA’s multi-million dollar Curiosity rover has been moving around the unforgiving surface of Mars for over three years, and it has the wear and tear to demonstrate it — yet the most recent issue could leave the ‘bot sidelined for some time.

NASA is reporting Curiosity endured a “transient short circuit” on Feb. 27 while exchanging specimen powder from its automated arm to the investigative instruments on its body.

At the point when that happened, Curiosity froze and held up for further instructions, as it has been customized to do.

Teams are currently attempting to establish how extreme the issue was, as it could possibly influence the ease of use of some rover components.

The short happened amid a moderately normal move; however considering the impact all that dirt and subjection is having on the rover, it appears something might have been affected.

The sample powder originated from a rock target called Telegraph Peak, and NASA reports the same exchange process was finished easily with tests from five past drilling targets in 2013 and 2014.

“We are running tests on the vehicle in its present configuration before we move the arm or drive,” said Curiosity Project Manager Jim Erickson, of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. “This gives us the best opportunity to determine where the short is.”

Meanwhile, NASA says Curiosity will be sidelined for “a few days” while they investigate the issue and figure out what the following order ought to be. Essentially, they need to verify that whatever is carried out next, it won’t aggravate the issues.

Hopefully the minds at NASA can get Curiosity once again on track soon.

The rover had been damaged before but it keeps on coming back doing its job. Thanks to the scientists at NASA who always find a way to repair it using remote control.



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