Three-part Spacewalk Completed

NASA astronauts Barry Wilmore (Expedition 42 Commander) and Terry Virts (Expedition 42 Flight Engineer) recently finished their third spacewalk, booked to set up the space station for commercial crew entries.  The target of these extravehicular activities (EVA) was to lay links to prepare the International Space Station (ISS) for two international docking adapters (IDAs) planned to arrive within this year.

NASA foresees the first port to land in June and the second in December. The new docking ports will empower the development of the station team to hold seven individuals and could conceivably twofold the measure of time dedicated to research.

Throughout the first spacewalk on February 21, Barry Wilmore and Terry Virts effectively introduced and directed more than 300 feet of cable, which took 6 hours and 41 minutes to finish. These links will give power and communication abilities to the new global docking adapters.

The second spacewalk on February 25, which went on for 6 hours and 43 minutes, continued as arranged and managed to finish an advanced task by pre-staging wire-ties that will be utilized to secure around 400 feet of cable.

However, a little issue was experienced with Virt’s spacesuit when a little amount of water saturated his helmet during airlock re-pressurization.  After a few examinations, then again, the International Space Station managers gave support to continue with the March 1st spacewalk, which took 5 hours and 38 minutes to finish.

The astronauts completed an hour sooner than the normal time, finishing the walk at 12:30 pm EST. All the while, Barry Wilmore and Terry Virts have finished routing 400 feet worth of link, as well as several antennas associated with the Common Communications for Visiting Vehicles system (C2V2) which will be utilized by Boeing’s Crew Transportation System and the Space Crew Dragon in the future for manned operations, for example, carrying crew into space, and also for meet-ups with the orbital research facility.

Through and through, an entire 1,171 hours and 29 minutes have been committed to space station assembly and conservation. Upon the accomplishment of this Sunday’s spacewalk – the 187th in the space station’s history – astronaut Terry Virts expressed, “mission accomplished” on his Twitter account, with a sum of 3 spacewalks finished, 800 feet of cable fixed, 4 antennas and 3 laser reflectors positioned and 1 robotic arm greased.



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