Nature Has a Lot to Offer Than Man Would Like to Admit

Scientists are exploring what nature has to offer. They study more about what is in plants and animals that can help improve man’s life here on Earth with more emphasis on health. More and more health experts are discovering what scorpion and snake venom can do to improve man’s health. There are many illnesses that can be treated using the natural way without the side effects that usually accompany chemical ingredients.

Other animal health uses include shark and fish oil. They are rich in omega 3 and antioxidants which stops premature aging. Cod liver oil has been a part of the every family’s tradition in keeping the children’s hair, bones. Skin and teeth healthy.

Now even more sophisticated they are utilized in treating diabetes, arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure and other systemic diseases.

Aside from animals. The plants have also been used since prehistoric times in treating all kinds of illnesses that afflicts man when there was no other recourse. The roots are used to treat stomach pain, the leaves are also used with the same purpose. They are also used to treat surface wounds and skin diseases.

Organic is in and inorganic is out even in beauty products, shampoo, physical fitness pills and diet foods. Everyone is learning to go back to their roots which is no other than Mother Nature. Mother’s milk is getting noticed by body builders as well.

It’s back to nature and it means we should take good care of our natural resources. Americans have awaken to the realization that they should help preserve what is left of God’s creation. It’s a moral obligation on our part to keep preserve nature at all cost. Nature is the best source of our survival and we should remember that always.

Everything that we do to our planet will come full circle to us. We can’t say that let other handle the problems because they’re paid to do it. We can do our part by planting trees, avoiding burning anything, save energy to keep our healthy and our survival ensured for a long time.


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