Nurse Pham: A Hero or Someone Just Looking for Her 15 Minutes of Fame

Every story has two sides to it, just like a coin. One person’s story is will seem credible until the other party comes up with their own version of the whole thing. The condemned party cannot respond immediately to the accusations since they have to sift through the myriad of information coming out of the media and there’s no telling whether their response will be a proper one since it’s difficult to address the real issue. It is only when the case is filed in the court of law that the accused can file counterclaims in his/her defense.

The delayed reaction can often be construed as guilt on the accused. It’s easy to accuse somebody. Defending one’s self against all types of accusation, whether true or false, can be a daunting task if public perception is already against you. So what’s the real score about the Texas Hospital being accused by one its nurses of committing serious crime against her.

It has of course come out with its own counterclaims against several lawsuits filed by a nurse who said she was infected with Ebola while taking care of the first person who contracted the deadly virus in the U.S.

The Dallas Morning News ( ) took special cognizance of an email by the CEO of Texas Health Resources sent to all employees Monday, in response to the several accusations in the Nina Pham’s lawsuits.

The 26-year old Pham’s lawsuit has placed on spot the credibility of the testimony of an official of the company during a congressional hearing. It has something to do with the official’s claim that the hospital staff of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas are trained to handle Ebola cases. She also put emphasis of the company’s invasion of her privacy.

The email mentioned that the official’s testimony was based on facts and was highly accurate. In addition, the email said that they had Pham’s tacit agreement in sharing the information about her release from the hospital including the video taken during her confinement while she was in bed.



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