Researches are Blooming Like Mushrooms: Are They Necessary and Credible

There are a lot of research studies going on. These studies delves on almost everything that has to do with man, our planet, missions in the deep space and the universe. A lot of money time and effort were spent on these.

Are they helpful and are they credible?

The research on measurable carbon dioxide, the role of oceans on climate change, what soft drink is less carcinogenic, what is a comet or on the asteroids for that matter is helping a lot in making people aware that we are all together involved on what is going around us.

What is Alzheimer’s disease? Why is it better to reveal your sexual orientation earlier? What’s going on in the forest of Colorado and why is the Red Planet very important to us? What happened in Morecambe Hospital, why is the flu vaccine not working, how’s the Ebola vaccine and blood testing developing?

Without the hard work of the research groups we may never know what’s going on around us. We know because of these studies that we are responsible for the climate change, why the arctic ice is melting and what will happen as a result. Is life possible in Titan, how about Ceres?

Where do we get our planet’s water supply, what’s the role of the World Health Organization or WHO, what’s the CDC is doing to protect America from infectious diseases? Why are more middle-aged Americans taking their own lives, what’s happening during those teen dates? If as parents we are aware of this, we will know how to respond.

Is it time to look for higher grounds to build our homes, will the next binary asteroid going to hit Earth? Why are birds’ dangerous or eating armadillos for that matter? These questions got their answers from people who never tired of doing research.

Yes, researches are important and more should be done for the welfare of us Earthlings, our planet and our solar system. The researchers are the “guardians” of our survival.


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