Meet The 7 Magnificent Dinosaurs of the Jurassic World Which Is About to Hit the Screen

You might have seen the movie the Jurassic Park and had been scared by the presence dinosaur Indominus Rex. Well, not only you but everyone else who happened to witness how fast it can move around and how quick its mouth at snapping at anything that moved around it.

Now, here comes 7 more which will take you off your seats if you happen see how they perform according to Screen Rant. You will have the opportunity to do just that on the Jurassic World film. Don’t be deceived by their seemingly docile disposition. They can be pretty mean like Indominus Rex.

So what are these magnificent 7?

First is what we call Metriacanthosaurus. The name connotes slightly-spined lizard, that’s what they are really, a flat-footed carnosaur that once inhibited the bygone days of the Jurassic era. It feds on other dinosaurs.  If that’s nor scary enough, what is? It is classified as theropod which in Greek means “beast foot.”

Next, comes the Edmontosaurus. It’s not flat-footed but rather a flat-headed dinosaur possessing what looks like a duck bill. The ravenous T Rex loves to feed on it. This dinosaur is a vegetarian by the look of its mouth and loves to chew on conifers and other plants. It’s one of the rare types of dinosaurs which masticates its food completely before swallowing.

Then what follows is the Dimorphodon, which belongs to the pterosaurs kind or the flying reptiles. The name means “two-form tooth”. It inhabits the skies and loves to stay there as it glides among the clouds. The eyes are huge, has a pretty agile mandible and a razor sharp talon giving it the capability of snatching fish and other targets effortlessly which happens to come across its path. This dinosaur is a speed-eater as shown by its ultra-fast mandibles.

The next type is considered as one of the largest-fish consuming dinosaurs. The Baryonyx has a crocodile-like head and a treacherous jaw. This makes it an excellent hunter of inland body of waters such as the lakes and the rivers. The name means “heavy claw” and it hunts similar to bears.

Another Jurassic flying reptile, the biggest of the aerial reptiles, is the Pteranodon which means “toothless wings.” And it loves to feed on fish. Its wingspan is wider than any birds known to man. It may not be the carnivorous type but it’s aggressive enough and you will not back down if it has a bone to contend with. It has a tri digit fingers and four digit clawed toes on its foot.

Famous for its unique lower spinal appendage which looks like a sail, the Suchomimus has foot long claws on each thumb which makes it an adept “fisherman.” The name means “crocodile mimic” because of its crocodile-like snout appearance.

The last but not the least is the Microceratus, which may have the distinction of the smallest dinosaur that may have inhabited the Jurassic World. It has a short accessory and beak-like mouth, great for chomping leaves and twigs. The name means “small-horned and weighs just around 6 kilograms. The Microceratus was first known as the Microceratops but the wasp took that names away.




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