Vapes are Sold Unrestricted Online


If you want to buy something that’s unlawful on the physical market, you can always get one from the internet without fail. This is exactly what happened to buying e-cigarettes by minors.  But that’s about to change soon.

 A study was done just recently which exposed the activities of more than 90 percent online stores selling e-cigarettes illegally to minors. They failed to comply with the 2013 state law of North Carolina which requires online e-cigarette sellers to check the age of all their patrons when they order. The age verification should be done using the government database.

The research team from the University of North Carolina said this gives more opportunity for minor to purchase the liquid nicotine through the internet.

According to the lead author of the study, Rebecca Williams with the University of North Carolina at Chapel, purchasing e-cigarettes online for teenagers is a cinch since age verification is not required unlike in kiosks.

“It is likely easier for many teens to buy e-cigarettes online than in a corner store, where they might be faced with a request for ID,” Williams quoted.

Selling e-cigarettes in North Carolina is classifieds as class 2 misdemeanor if the perpetrator is caught red handed.

Williams added that, “Without strictly enforced federal regulations, online e-cigarette vendors have little motivation to decrease profits by spending the time and money it takes to properly verify customers’ age and reject underage buyers.”

Federal and local government should be very strict in enforcing the law and the law should including those who are selling online. Online sellers must exert effort and invest money to make sure that they follow the age policy being suggested in the law, avoiding selling to minors.

Most states have stricter polices concerning selling vapes to minors. The ongoing debate regarding the side effects of e cigarettes will definitely affect how strict the policies will be.



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