Infiniti’s QX30 enters the tough yet lucrative small premium SUV niche

Infiniti is in an all-out effort in expanding further its product lineup with its new models and it is aching to join the ranks of luxury brands in the lucrative high-end car segment. Infiniti has just rolled out QX30 in the Geneva Motor Show press conference few days ago and undersized SUVs which are targeted at city-dwelling young adults.

Infiniti quips that the QX30 concept augurs the new small looks and is on its way for production. The concept appearance seems like it needed just a bit of fine tuning in order to compete toe-and-nail with the big players.

Infiniti CEO, Roland Krueger said in a statement that, “The Infiniti QX30 Concept foreshadows an entry in the premium compact segment that provides a new alternative to customers in this segment.”

The arrival of the sleek car seems is quite late as the small premium SUV niche is already crowded with Lexus NX, Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLA and even the bigger BMW X1.

The small SUV market is tipped to grow further this year with the upcoming entries of Jeep Renegade, Chevy Spark, Fiat 500X, Mazda CX3 and Honda HR-V.

These cars are all aiming at the youthful metropolitans at different price brackets. Infiniti predicts that that by the end of 2020, Generation X and Generation Y will comprise around 80 percent of buyers in the premium compact market. The company also said that research will entail that the buyer’s idea of purchasing a high-end car has nothing to do with size or power, but more inclined to design and performance.

However, Infiniti is not generous on giving full details of its newest concept vehicle as it only said that its QX30 features 2.0-liter turbo engine and it is seven-speed automatic and can either be rear or all-wheel drive.


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