A Terminally Ill Father’s Wish Came True a Little Early.


A father, with a terminal cancer, will not allow his illness to steal what’s very precious in his life. His daughter’s marriage is still eight months away but it was reported by Wave that she is organizing a special ceremony just to walk down the aisle with her father.

Surrounded by family and friends, she was wearing her wedding dress and she had her arm around her father as they walk down the aisle. “To bear witness to the love between a daughter and her father,” Anderson said, a love that could be terminated.

“His disease has progressed and there is a possibility that he may not get to walk his beloved daughter down the aisle at her wedding,” Anderson said.

This is why Hugh Campbell and Emily, his only daughter, reveled with a pre-wedding ceremony.  For 7 years, Hugh has been battling a stage 4 breast cancer, a disease in which most men think they can’t get.

“I spend every moment that I’m not with my fiancee, with my dad,” E. Campbell said. “If I go fishing, she goes fishing. If I go to a ball game, she goes to a ball game. We do concerts together, we do everything together,” H. Campbell said.

Her wedding day would be the same. Hugh is praying that he can get as far as October to make it to his daughter’s wedding but the doctors could not tell if that will happen.

Anderson said, “If that is the case and I am not here in October, you can replay this day and I will not only be right there watching over you from heaven, but you can say my daddy did get to walk me down the aisle.” “Gives me something to reflect on when my wedding comes and even if he is still here, it’s a great memory for us to have together,” E. Campbell said.

She yearns that the recollection of a dance with her father will occur again. E. Campbell said, “I love you and you better keep up the fight. October is only 8 months away.”




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