Beware, Armadillo Meat Has Been Known to be a Reservoir of Hansen’s Disease

A report says that there were three cases of leprosy in east Florida since November 2014 and that the people who contracted the disease had been in contact with armadillos.

Health officials say that the three cases of this dreadful disease have actually taken place in the Volusa County of Florida. With a population of 500,000 people, the region has gained its popularity among tourist who are most likely attracted to its beautiful Daytona Beach.

Health officials are aware that armadillos are very common in their area. This has worried them since more people would eventually get sick with the disease if they get in contact with this creatures. There is a high possibility that the armadillos are causing the infections among people.

“There’s a fair amount of interaction between armadillos and people. People see armadillos in the garden, they keep them as pets, they shoot them and eat them – there’s more interaction with armadillos than you might think. “Stated Dr. David Scollard, the director of the National Hansen’s disease (Leprosy) Program.

It has always been known that armadillos can transmit infections. Although it only involves a few of its own species like the 9 most known kind of species that were blamed for causing such disease. There had been experiences over a period of time which had proven evidences that shows the greatest number of people who were infected with the disease in the United States of America is determined in the southern part of the country. This namely puts areas on the list like Texas, Louisianan and Florida.

Leprosy is also known by the name Hansen disease. Scientist could distinguish it as a recurring bacterial skin and nerve infection which eventually advances to being unable to feel pain. Other manifestations include tough patches, growths and laceration on the skin.

In spite of that, it has been announced that leprosy now can finally be completely cured with the intake of antibiotics. In most cases, treatment will have to carry on after a year or so to be able to be totally clean of the disease. Furthermore, the most favorable part is that 95 % of the population is not even susceptible to the disease.




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