William Shatner Lands in Los Angeles On Time for Leonard Nimoy‘s Memorial Service

A blast of feedback sparked after William Shatner lands in Los Angeles on Sunday, the day of Star Trek co-star Leonard Nimoy’s memorial service, after his initial emphasis on staying in Florida. Anyway it’s hazy on the off chance that he touched base on schedule for the wake.

Only one day in the wake of declaring that he would not have the capacity to make it to Nimoy’s memorial service in Los Angeles — and procuring himself a spot on the Daily News spread at the same time — Shatner was spotted landing at the Los Angeles International Airport about 11:30 a.m. according to TMZ.

Shatner was in twitter the whole morning disputing with individuals who condemned him for choosing to stay in Palm Beach to go to the Red Cross Ball on Saturday evening.

“I want to share this,” the 83-year-old on-screen character kept in touch with his 2.1 million twitter followers Sunday morning. “Let’s discuss it.”

Shatner’s fans basically offered their backing, yet the performer did captivate the individuals who condemned him.

Priceline? Do Red Cross event and then private jet to LA,” radio host Todd Schnitt

Composed Shatner.

“I must have missed your email about underwriting the arrangement and payment for this,” the Star Trek actor dryly shot back.

“Please resend CC#,” Shatner wrote him later.

Nimoy, who passed away Friday at 83, and Shatner developed close as co-stars on the notorious sci-fi series from the 1960s.

However the two-time Emmy grant champ had asserted that his booked appearance at the tony pledge drive kept him from making it to Los Angeles in time for the burial service Sunday.

He did say that his little girls Melanie and Lisabeth would be there in his spot.

Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner became gained popularity on the original ‘Star Trek’ Program.

“I chose to honor a commitment I made months ago to appear at a charitable fundraiser,” Shatner posted. “A lot of money was raised. So here I am; tell me off.”

Some took him up on his offer.

Thomas Doherty called Shatner’s reasons “lame” and commented: “Hire a press agent Bill.”

Shatner spent a great part of the day tweeting some of his memories of Nimoy and fielding inquiries from fans about their relationship.

“(He was) intelligent, insightful, just a precious gem of a man,” Shatner wrote of Nimoy in Twitter.

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