Morecambe, the Maternity of Death, Gets A Clean Bill of Health Despite a Rash of Infant Fatalities

Notice: The image used here is not from the Morecambe hospital.

The record showed that up to 30 babies died at a hospital due to the failures of the midwives and doctors in providing adequate medical services, an incriminating report is about to reveal.

An independent investigation into infant mortality in University Hospital of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust will reveal that the wrong doings are much more damning than what was previously expected.

It was believed that 16 babies and two mothers succumbed to death in the hospital as a result of chaotic and disorganized hospital system for more than ten years at a maternity ward within Furness General Hospital in Cumbria.

However after more efforts were put in investigating about 50 cases, investigators may come up with a conclusion that carelessness resulted to even more deaths.

Health officials tried to cover up their inability to investigate the atrocities which were happening due to poor handling of patient care.

Several warnings were issued about the short comings between 2001 and 2002, but in spite of all these, the Care Quality Commission gave the hospital a clean bill of health in 2010.

The hospital’s inability to remove errant doctors or midwives from the hospital’s roster of workers have angered family members of the victims. Alarms were initially raised in September 2008 when the nine day old Joshua Titcombe died from an infection that could have easily been treated with an antibiotic drug.

The father of the child, James Titcombe said it was ‘appalling’ that nobody has been disciplined for the failings that led to the deaths and described the accountability process as ‘ridiculously slow’.

Mr Titcombe said: ‘It’s been six years since Joshua died and we have should been finding out about [the care failings] at the time. It’s a sign of how closed and secretive the NHS was.

‘We were faced with obstacle after obstacle which is an indictment of how the NHS was run at the time.

‘What happened to protecting mothers and babies? The timescale is a disgrace.’

He said, “There was no reason why culpable nurse and doctors could not have been held to account before the report was published.”

Several midwives from the said hospital are due to face the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) later this year in connection to fatalities at the hospital.

Mr Titcombe added: ‘For Joshua to have died in 2008 and the NMC’s processes to still be ongoing is absolutely appalling. How can that be protecting mothers and babies?

‘There has been a real failure in the way the professional regulators have worked.’

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