One Will Have to Go: It’s Either the Branded Cigarettes or Us


There’s no other excuse whatsoever when you die from smoking. You die because you smoke and this is caused by the diseases brought about by the tobacco use. To put it more explicitly, two out of three smokers will die because of their smoking habit. This is even more explicit: Ten million UK smokers will die prematurely ten years earlier.

Going over to Australia, a research was made of 200,000 individuals in that country, both on smokers and nonsmokers who are over 45 years old. The result revealed that more people die from smoking than previously imagined.

The belief was that approximately fifty percent of chronic smokers are done in by illnesses related to their smoking activity. The survey result was even higher at around 67

With ten sticks a day, the smoker is definitely putting themselves on an early death and with 20 sticks daily, the risk of early death is increased by even four or five times more. This is according to the study that was run over six years before being published in BMC Medicine.

If we take into account the study, the 10 million UK smokers we mentioned will die as expected 10 years earlier compared to those who never smoked at all or to those who stopped the deadly past time and has given their heath enough time to recover.

Lead scientist Prof Emily Banks said, according to BBC: “Even with the very low rates of smoking that we have in Australia, we found that smokers have around threefold the risk of premature death of those who have never smoked.

“We also found smokers will die an estimated 10 years earlier than non-smokers.”

The introduction of plain cigarette packing was enforced in Australia between the years 2010 and 2013, there was a drop of fifteen percent in the smoking rates.

MPs are going to vote on whether branded tobacco packaging will be abolished altogether. Research had shown a decline of young people in Australia taking up smoking in the advent of brand -less cigarette packs.

The proposal to do the same in UK next year is being hotly debated by MPs before a vote is to be taken before the general elections.

Cancer Research UK noted that out of 12 million children, 2.7 are expected to take up smoking.


Death rates of smokers suggests that approximately 500,000 of them are in danger of dying earlier from smoking-related diseases.



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