Is the U.S. Government Putting Too Much Trust in Giant Pharmaceutical Companies

There’s no such thing as perfect medicines and medical procedures. Once in a while there are cases wherein the patient is at the receiving ends. The results would be from mild skin rashes and in worst cases, death.

Just recently we hear of a lot of things which unfortunately resulted to the death of patients who placed their unequivocal trust in their doctors and the medical instruments and procedures only to suffer from them

The current superbug infection is one of those drug company failures. It’s said to have come from a contaminated medical scopes. This happened in the nation’s most renowned hospitals among which include the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center.

The present state of flu virus vaccine is another failure of the drug companies we can consider. Health officials have been extolling the vaccine’s effectiveness at the outset of this  flu infection season only to accept in the end they are just a little better than a placebo and in other cases they are just nothing but placebo.

This is another betrayal in the trust of the patients on the part of the medical system of the country. There seem to be too little or no control that our government has in regulating the giant drug corporations to the detriment of the citizens.

The latest on measles vaccines is still in debate. The big question right now is why people are still infected by measles despite receiving the MMR vaccines.

And if you take into consideration what’s happening in Berlin, Germany, right now, it’s even worse there. Considering that 95 percent of the people were vaccinated, still the measles infection was able to contaminate more than 500 people and the death of one child.

Does nothing work anymore? Are we being victimized by the greed of giant pharmaceutical companies? Are the governments of the world putting too much trust on the big business rather than being strict about the production of medicines? It seems that we are just seeing the tip of an iceberg.


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