Lenovo comes with ‘cheaper’ and reinvigorated media-rich A8, A10 tablets

Chinese technology firm Lenovo attempts to get back into the thick of things and retain consumer confidence by taking the wraps off its two new fangled Android tablets that are priced reasonably well and at the same time tipped to be teeming with enhanced satiating features.

Lenovo would like to bounce back strong after it has absorbed series of sting brickbats from almost everywhere after orchestrating the infamous adware Superfish to get embedded on PCs few weeks ago.

The two tablets that run the Android mobile operating system have entry-level prices of $129 and $199.

The tablets are intended for users who are looking for value-for-money deals and the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The price cut is Lenovo’s strategy to chip away the dominance of Apple and Samsung.

Lenovo rolled out the Tab 2 A10-70 which is a perfect fit for users who are fond of multimedia is priced at $199, and cheaper by $30 than its precursor. The A10 is especially built for multimedia and comes with 10.1 inches screen panel display, 8 Megapixels snapper at the back, MediaTek quad core processor and run the Android 4.4.Lenovo state it is restructuring “the relationship between price and value.” The A10 is available in two colors

The A10 is lightweight at 500 grams and ultra slim at 8.9 mm thick.

On the other end, the Tab 2 A8 features 8 inches screen panel display, MediaTek quad core processor and a cheaper price of $129 which is $30 cheaper than its precursor. Moreover, the A8 boasts microSD card support, it runs the Android 5.0 and it is available in four color variants.

Lenovo revealed that the A10 will be available in April while A8 will be released on June.

These two tablets packs in decent features and affordably price well but it still remain to be seen whether these will not balk down when the going gets tough in real work setting.


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