Hyundai recalls automobiles that are plagued with power steering Loss

According to a report furnished by Hyundai on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHSTA’s) site, the Japanese car manufacturing firm is set to recall close to 205,000 Elantra cars due to faulty power steering which can unpredictably stop functioning, making the vehicle difficult to maneuver.

The recall includes the 2008-10 Elantra variants and the 2009-10 Elantra Touring models. Hyundai stated that the driver would be able to turn the car but it would need more force from the driver.  The automaker didn’t disclose any accidents or injuries that are connected to the problem to date.

The power steering loss is often not tagged by carmakers or federal regulators as a major problem that would give rise to a recall, especially if the car is still possible to steer. The dealers are usually are provided with technical service bulletin which would notify them to resolve the problem in case the owner complains. This is an inexpensive stratagem, not like in a recall, where the car companies would not shoulder the repair cost to fix a problem which are stated in a service bulletin unless the automobile is still covered by a warranty.

But NHTSA and carmakers have absorbed harsh comments from the Congress over safety issues, which are triggered by dangerous ignition-switch defect in millions of General Motors automobiles which have been disregarded for a long time.

Hyundai stated that it is aware of the problems that baffled the Elantra model’s power steering since 2010 but a recall hasn’t been meted out for the reason that “Hyundai’s understanding has been that the loss of power steering assist has not, in the past, been considered as a safety-related defect in the United States.”  Hyundai added “the industry has increasingly handled similar issues through safety recalls… To remain consistent with that [of the] industry trend.”

NHTSA also quipped that was heightening up a comprehensive investigation on the Takata airbags that may send bits of metal inside the car when crash occurs. Over 18 million automobiles have been recalled all over the world and at least six confirmed deaths have been connected to the issue.

The investigation which started last year, affected 11.5 million automobiles from Chrysler, G.M., Ford, BMW Honda, Subaru and Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Nissan. Several days ago NHTSA stated that Takata is not totally collaborating with the investigation and has been fined $14,000 per day though the air bag company claimed that it is giving its full cooperation.


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