Now Available, New Rapid Ebola Virus Bloood Testing Kit That Will Only Take Few Minutes Instead of Days In Showing Results

A revolutionary method in fighting the spread of Ebola virus will soon be available courtesy of the New Orleans’s science laboratories.

Scientists’ from Tulane played a critical role in producing the latest in rapid test for Ebola virus which was just granted approval by the FDA. By using the common finger prick method, health personnel can immediately determine if the person is infected with Ebola virus even in the field.

The currently used test could take several days in order to get the results requiring complicated lab procedure and placing the doctors at greater risk when withdrawing a vial full of blood. Doctors’ are of one opinion that the new system is definitely a “game changer”.

“It will enable us to get people into the treatment centers faster and get them out of the situation where they can transmit the virus to somebody else,” said Dr. Robert Garry, a Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Tulane Medical School. He has been to West Africa many times and just finished quarantine Sunday from his last trip.

Tulane doctors are hoping to ship the test to West Africa as soon as possible to help in containing the Ebola outbreak which keeps on coming back despite the best effort of WHO.

Some of the rapid testing materials will be manufactured right there in New Orleans. Corgenis, a company operating out of Denver will produce and market the drug.

The Ebola virus outbreak last year, and it even continued up to the earliest part of this year, has infected more than 21,000 people and killed more than 9,000 to date. The worst may seem over but some pockets of resurgence are kept on coming back which may result to a return of a full blown epidemic.

This new rapid testing technique will really help a lot in stopping the Ebola virus on its tract.



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