Oculus dangles out juicy $1 million prize for Gear VR developers

Oculus VR has just dangled out a whopping $1 Million for app developers to  incorporate fresh ideas and engaging features for the futuristic headset Gear VR Innovator Edition.

The Oculus Mobile VR Jam 2015  will unfurl on April 13 up to May 11, and interested participants may sign-up now at ChallengePost. The Jam is divided into two segments: Games and Apps for Experiences, where the top three finishers will bring home the platinum, gold and silver plums in each division.

The Platinum Gold winner will take a juicy $200,000 cold cash, while $100,000 awaits the Platinum App or Experience snags. The other winners on each segment will also receive cash prizes, including the $10,000 for each of the Bronze winner.

The Oculus Mobile VR Jam participants should be able to accomplish four milestones at set deadline such as “Pitches” (April 20), “Screenshots” (April 27), “Videos” (May 4) and the “Final Build” (May 11 at 9am PT)

And when the smoke of battle dies down Oculus will reveal the winners on June 4. Developers may work on their own, together as a team or represent an organization. Solitary developers who would like to make their own group may form theirs on ChallengePost.

The challenge puts the spotlight on the Gear VR Innovator Edition, a virtual reality headset that employs the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, along with Oculus VR software. According to EndGadget The Gear VR Innovator Edition that was launched last September was impressive but it still needs some fine tuning, and the highly anticipated event will eventually enhance the headset further.

A representative from Samsung told Endgadget that Jam is created to resolve technical issues and the same time the “Innovator Edition,” was designed for early adopters, VR enthusiasts and professionals. It appears that Gear VR is making its presence felt and this is also an indication that Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone, a refined Galaxy S6 will be launched at the Mobile World Conference in early March.



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