Toyota unveils hydrogen-powered electric car Toyota Mirai that charges in just 180 seconds

Japanese automaker Toyota has taken the wraps off its very own Toyota Mirai electric car which is powered by hydrogen fuel cells and charges very fast in just three minutes.

The Japanese word “Mirai” which means “future,” in English, is a perfect name for the futuristic green car which has sleek appearance, decent features, impressive range and bundled with an enticing free gas offer for three years.

Toyota Mirai which can travel for about 300 miles is cinched to be the first ever mass-market car that uses electrical energy extracted from compressed hydrogen. This would imply that it will exhaust fume that is actually water vapor. With the help of the hydrogen fuel cells technology, the sleek car need not long hours of charging, as it can be charged in about 180 seconds (3 minutes).

The founder of Tesla Motors and the one who opened up the floodgate for electric-cars, Elon Musk, had just hurled brickbats on Toyota Mirai. Musk commented that hydrogen is not a very reliable source of energy for cars and even called the hydrogen fuel cells “extremely silly.” He said that hydrogen is too hard to store, generate and transform into fuel and this technology turn away the attention from better sources of clean energy.

Musk went on to say, “If you’re going to pick an energy source mechanism, hydrogen is an incredibly dumb one to pick. The best-case hydrogen fuel cell doesn’t win against the current-case batteries. It doesn’t make sense, and that will become apparent in the next few years.”

The Toyota Mirai is pegged at a price of about $45,000 in US (including $13,000 federal incentives).

The Toyota Mirai will be on a direct collision with Tesla Model S, which is adjudged as the best overall car by the Consumer Reports for two consecutive years (2013 and 2014). The Tesla Model S is priced at $80,000 and has a range of 265 miles.

The Toyota Mirai will make its debut on in the Japanese market this coming March.

Aside from Toyota, Hyundai’s Tucson which is now available in California also employs hydrogen fuel cells the same with Honda’s new car that is slated to go on sale next year,

Toyota intends to erect fueling stations and this undertaking is going start in California. This is the reason why Toyota has opted for selling Mirai in California first. The state would funnel in tens of millions of dollars worth of investments to come up with more hydrogen refueling stations. It is aiming at more than 28 more and so far 10 have been built in the state.

Automobiles that are powered by hydrogen fuel cells need fueling stations in order for them to function properly in the US.


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