New study: Regular sleeping for 8 or more hours increase the risks of a stroke

Sleeping offers a lot of benefits as it helps the body get rejuvenated and it is good for your heart, weight, mind, and among others. But be sure you sleep with a pillow underneath your head as sleeping flat on horizontal, flat or recumbent position may lead to health problems in the coming months.

According to study whipped up by Cambridge University people who sleep for more than eight hours can increase the risk of a stroke especially for women who are more than 63 years old.

Freelance sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley quips that sleeping for a long time could be risky for people who usually have small amount of sleep. The longer the length of sleep, the more we will wake up feeling lethargic. Moreover, regular long-time sleep could gradually raise the chance of stroke in the future.

The study concentrated on long-term sleep habits, and discovered that those usually have an average of over eight hours of sleep, the risk of stroke is doubled. The individuals who are used to sleeping less than the average (8 hours) for a long time and then all of a sudden are sleeping more than the average, the risk of stroke is increased four-fold.

The researchers quipped that is still vague whether these people have illness or there is something about the added hours in sleeping that could give rise to some harmful effects.

No matter what, getting information from people who are in tip top shape on the amount of time they spend on sleeping could be valuable way of detecting those who are at risk of a stroke. These people could be closely keep an eye on and provided with further help to stop smoking or boost their appetite.

Around 33.3% of 150,000 Britons who experienced stroke die annually and scores of those that had survived are left impaired. Hence anything that could lessen the risk of a stroke could be very useful to us.

The study which already on its 9th year, monitored the health of almost 10,000 men and women from Norfolk that are in the 42 to 81 age bracket. These people were asked about their average sleeping hours and the question was then asked again after four years. The study will reveal that 346 of the tracked men and women had a stroke. Further analysis will provide us the apparent connection between too much of sleep and illness will give rise other health problem like heart disease. Finally, the researchers had also inferred to earlier studies that involves more than 500,000 individuals in seven different countries.

These confirm the connection between sleeping for a long time regularly and risk of a stroke.

The senior of the study, Professor Kay-Tee Khaw, stated, “We need to understand the reasons behind the link between sleep and stroke risk. What is happening in the body that causes this link? With further research, we may find that excessive sleep proves to be an early indicator of increased stroke risk, particularly among older people.”

Researcher Yue Leng stated that, “It’s apparent from both our own participants and the wealth of international data that there’s a link between sleeping longer than average and a greater risk of stroke.”

Stroke Association’s Dr Madina Kara said, “In the past, oversleeping has been linked to a host of health problems, including diabetes and obesity. Kara added, “The results of this latest research suggest that sleeping for longer could be a sign that you’re at increased risk of stroke, particularly among older people.”

According to Dr Kara the risk factors include high blood pressure, smoking and lack of exercise.


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