Lindsay Lohan Now Has 125 Hours of Community Service

Los Angles judge ordered a 125 hour community service on Wednesday morning in connection with her seemingly continuous probation that came from her 2012 reckless driving issue.

The 28- year- old former child star had collided her Porsche sports car right into a dump truck that happened to be at the seaside town of Santa Monica . She was heading to the Lifetime TV movie “Liz and Dick “ . She was questioned by the police but tried lying to them .

The probation was originally scheduled to end in March , however , she is given until May 28 to complete the said additional hours of community service.

The order was decided because the “Mean Girls” star had spent more than just half of the hours  at the children’s charity in London as she claims she had served at the CSV which were considered by the court and prosecutor as unacceptable.

“In particular , the parties had a problem with some of the work shadowing,” Lindsay’s attorney Shawn Holley told the Access Hollywood following the hearing on Wednesday.

Lindsay’s hours were mostly spent at the same time she was doing the play that she starred in on the  the West End , “Speed the Plow” .

“We reached a compromised position so that we can move forward,” Holley added. “And by the way, it’s not a problem because she’s enjoying doing community service and will continue to.”

There will be another series of procedures which will be conducted in March 12 to find out if Lindsay can complete the community service.

Regarding her client’s plans to move back to her life in the U.S. to accomplish her responsibilities ,” I think London suits her. She seems to really be thriving there so more power” Holly told Access.

There seem no end to the woes that the actress has been experiencing all her life. She’s been in and out of courts always.




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