Hippos and Whales Share the Same Evolutionary Genetics

Many things have been written about hippos these past few days. Some would say that the ancestral line of this big powerful jungle animals are no bigger than an overgrown sheep or of a pig for that matter. Whatever the description there might be, one thing is clear, the bigger you end up in the line of evolutionary picture, the better your survival rate is, unless of course you happen to be in the cross-hair of a hunter’s gun.

The hippos found in Africa today are the giant versions of what they were in the ancient times.

The fossils showed that they belong to a family known as anthrocotheres. They were dug in a rock bed in Kenya. How they ended there is a big puzzle. Maybe it’s there where they go if you they feel they are dying. Some sort of resting ground. They are just a few hundred pounds compared with hippos today which weighs approximately at 1,300 kilograms or 2,900 pounds. The babies alone weighs around 100 pounds of 45 kilograms at birth.

“They are slender hippos, very thin hippos,” said study co-author Fabrice Lihoreau, a paleontologist at the University of Montpellier in France..

“What’s more, the new study reveals the hippo ancestor, Epirigenys lokonensis, first evolved in Africa.

Genetic data suggests that hippos and whales shared a common ancestor about 53 million years ago, while the family of hippopotamidae emerged just 15 million years ago. In between these points, the fossil record is incredibly scarce” Lihoreau said.

The same thing is true with man and most land animals. Many of us descended from aquatic animals.

Many scientists are of one mind that that hippos ancestry line came from a long extinct family of part aquatic animals known as the  anthrocotheres, They evolved 40 million years ago. These primal brutes were nomads, wandering to many places including North America to Asia. However the ancestors of Hippos were never known.

Lihoreau and the rest of the research team, were pouring over the bone collections in Nairobi museum in Kenya when their attention was caught by a unique big piece of bone from an anthrocothere.th fossil was found in Turkana Basin. This is famous place for fossils from the Cretaceous Period to the present day. Also found there were the fossils of ancient Homo erectus and Neanderthals . The area where the fossil was found was swarming with fossils of crocodiles and other aquatic creatures from about 28 million years ago. The rock formation in the area is very difficult to dig.

For additional information you can visit the link  http://www.livescience.com/49921-hippo-ancestor-unearthed.html





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