The Ebola Virus is Staging a Come Back in West Africa and Health Experts are Helpless to Stop It

The situation in Sierra Leone remains fluid. The Ebola virus is not going away without a fight. Just when everything seem to point in the right direction, sparks of new cases pop out from time to time. Is this a normal situation or are we in for a surprise?

The plague that swept through the 3 West African nations, were far by the worst in Ebola virus global infection history. There were more than 21,000 cases out of which more than 9,000 died.

Last Wednesday’s weekly statistics was a source of concern for the World Health Organization. The infection rate is rising with 8 new additional districts reporting new patients since January.

Health workers were seen last pushing wheelchairs carrying patients for hospital admission in Freetown last December 2014. It would be possible that the same scene would be repeated in the coming days if the trend continues as infections start to rise again in the city.

Health investigators are still in the dark as to the source of the new infections and how they were transmitted. The lack of information and lingering rumors are hampering the efforts of relief workers. In addition, there a lot of people who are still unable to get treatment and there are those who are unwilling to take it.

Unsafe burial practices remain the first priority. A lot of people are getting infected while attending the burial ceremony. Touching the dead is the usual practice and this one way of getting the disease. Health workers are being attacked if they try to interfere with this burial custom.

Ignorance, I should say, is fueling the new wave of infections. Educating the people would help a lot of eradicating the virus. Treatment should be coupled with correct information.

A total of 99 diagnosed cases were reported in the week ending February 22. These are: Guinea (35), Sierra Leone (63) and Liberia (1).

As usual, Sierra Leone has the most number of people being infected.



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