Consumer Reports’ 2015 “Top Picks” and best cars

With an estimated 7.3 million subscribers and estimated yearly testing budget of US$21 million, Consumer Reports is one the highly reputed magazines in the United States that publishes in-depth reviews and comparisons of various consumer products and services built around its reports and outcomes from its in-house testing and survey research center.  And to the delight of automotive enthusiasts and aficionados the magazine has just whipped up its touted and much-awaited Consumer Reports’ Top Picks in the car niche.

The annual top picks were selected by a team of expert evaluators that test and examines meticulously the vast majority of cars that are sold in the US. The team will then choose cars in various categories and includes consensus picks on the highly coveted Consumer Reports’ Top Picks.

To barrel in the elusive Top Picks, a car must pass track tests with flying colors, provides at par best reliability and score well in government or industry crash tests.

This year Consumer Reports has selected 10 cars which stood out on their respective categories. Of the publications’ 10 picks, six were made by Japanese carmakers, three were from American companies and one was from a German firm.

Hold your breath now folks as I give you now the highly anticipated and revered 2015 Consumer Reports’ Top Picks in no particular order. Your picks are as good as mine!

Best Compact Car was handed out to Subaru Impreza

Price as tested: $21,345

Why Subaru Impreza pulled through?

In a niche that is teeming with big time players with immense reputations to boot, Subaru Impreza turned the table on its favor because it simply has a solid overall package.  Consumer Reports was amazed by the car’s awesome innards, smooth ride, strong handling and for being a value-for-money.

Best Midsized Sedan was given to Subaru Legacy

Price as tested: $24,837

Why Subaru Impreza ended up as one of the Top Picks?

Like its Impreza counterpart, the Legacy made its rivals eat its dust and eventually wounded up as one of the Top Picks. The publication opted for Subaru Legacy for it offered smooth and convenient driving experience. The Subaru Legacy has also provided the best ride on its category.
Best Large Car Top Pick goes to Chevrolet Impala V6

Price as tested: $39,110

Why Chevrolet Impala V6 breezed past its competition?

Generous with his words Consumer Reports’ automotive content specialist Mike Quincy said to Business Insider, “The Chevrolet Impala is proof that General Motors can still build a great family car.”

And Quincy goes on to say, “[The] Impala humbles the Toyota Avalon and even the Lexus ES 350.” In short, the Chevrolet Impala V6 is truly impressive. Consumer Reports was truly amazed with the bulky Chevy for its silky smooth  ride, receptive handling, and for being a value-for-money.

Best Overall: Tesla Model S

Price as tested: $89,650

Tesla Model S sizzles and cornered the best Top Pick honor at stake?

According to Consumer Reports Tesla Model S bagged the best car in the world title for two consecutive years.  The vaunted Tesla is still the publication’s highest-rated vehicle of all-time as it posted a near flawless score of 99/100. Consumer Reports stated that, “The Model S is a technological tour de force, a high-performance electric vehicle with usable real-world range, wrapped in a luxury package.”

Other cars which made it as Top Picks are the following:
Best Luxury Sedan: Audi
Best Green Car: Toyota Prius
Best Sports Sedan: Buick Regal
Best Minivan: Honda Odyssey
Best Small SUV: Subaru Forester
Best Midsized SUV: Toyota Highlander


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