General Motors is set to recall 67,000 ATS Cadillac units caused by overly sensitive Sunroof Controls

Car manufacturer General Motors is set to recall 67,000 units of its Cadillac ATS sports sedans that were baffled by power sunroof problems. According to earlier reports the auto’s power sunroof controls are highly sensitive.

The affected models of the Cadillac ATS sports sedan were those which are produced from 2013 up to 2015. GM quipped that the cars sunroof voluntarily opens or closes even with the slightest contact of its switches. The recall was meted out because of the different reports claim that the controls can be triggered even with small amount of force which breaches the federal safety standards.

Under close scrutiny, GM discovered the problem after testing a 2016 variant which employs similar switches that are also present in the 2013-2015 models. However, the company said that there were no accidents or injuries that have been reported because of this problem.

GM has already informed dealers to discontinue selling the affected units until all the kinks are ironed out. Over 12,200 unsold units that are shipped outside the United States are affected by the recall, while 10,500 unsold units are affected by the recall in the United States.

According to LA Times the owners of the affected variants were informed to bring their cars into the nearest GM factory or dealerships to resolve the problem. The company added that the dealers will only substitute the switch trim plate to fix the problem. Most of the affected cars were bought in the United States and Canada.

This most recent issue is the fifth time for the ATS since it made its debut in 2012. Earlier problems that forced GM to recall the car model were defective seat belt locks, conked out shifter cables and faulty light issues.



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