What’s Ailing America’s Health System Right Now?

America despite having many of the brightest doctors, most advance hospitals and the best medicines in the world, is still plagued by many diseases. I’m referring not only to diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases, cancer, HIV and high blood but the yearly visitations of flu, both on humans and animals, whooping cough, and now the resurgence of measles.

It has the best run government and highly efficient bureaucracy. It has sent man to the moon and even reached the farthest part of our solar system. It has also discovered what’s beneath our feet. So how come it can eradicate such simple diseases as flu and measles among others?

Are the drug companies just making money without regards to the nation’s health? We have also seen a lot of gaffes in the CDC’s lab operations. Is America’s bastion of defense against all kinds of infectious disease is not up to the job or is it doing a lot of things at one time even minding what’s happening in West Africa during the Ebola plague?

Their concentration may have wandered from what they should have been doing locally minding other countries which are several thousand miles away from home.

First, the flu vaccine wasn’t working as it should. Second, the measles vaccines isn’t as effective as it should. The number of infected people who were vaccinated were high. The whooping cough vaccine has been deteriorating every year.

Maybe the CDC should concentrate more in dealing with is ailing the country’s health system. The Ebola epidemic may have distracted the agency a lot and instead making sure that everything should be working perfectly in the country they took their eyes off from where it should be and left the drug companies and other health agencies under its fold messing up.

How about the FDA, what has it done so far?

Next time there’s an epidemic somewhere, please don’t leave the country vulnerable to the diseases that will definitely infect a lot of people and killing others. Was the Ebola plague the reason why the country has its health woes right now?

Maybe the country’s health officials should get the trust of the Americans first. There has been a lot of boo boos this year in the part of the US health officials.


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