Study, Scientists Believe that One of the Causes of Sinkholes in Siberia Might Be Due To Climate Change

Sinkholes, what are they? They are nothing but soil erosion which is due to the presence of soft or weak underground support as limestone, gypsum, salt and carbonate rocks. These materials are easily dissolved by the presence of underground water.

Sinkholes are found in many countries of the world.

However what they have in Siberia is more unique. Scientists believe that it has something to do with climate change.

In Siberia, there are more sinkholes there compared to anywhere in the world and more are still being formed. They can be seen by satellite feed.

There is an urgent effort being organized by the Russian authorities regarding what specifically cause their formation. One “mother crater”, called B2 is being surrounded by 20 other smaller craters, as reported by the Siberian Times.

‘I would compare this with mushrooms: when you find one mushroom, be sure there are few more around,” Professor Bogoyavlensky, deputy director of the Moscow-based Oil and Gas Research Institute, told Siberian Times “I suppose there could be 20 to 30 craters more.”

Researchers in Siberia said that the most probable cause of these sinkholes might be due to gas explosions. However this is just a theory but nobody has witnessed what really caused them. They can only see the holes after they appear in plain sight. According to the researchers B2, is found near Russia’s biggest oil fields.

However, it was last summer, when scientists began to speculate that the sinkholes were formed after the permafrost support underground melted followed by an explosion of methane gas. The sinkhole then appears.

“Years of experience has shown that gas emissions can cause serious damage to drilling rigs, oil and gas fields and offshore pipelines,” Bogoyavlensky said. “We cannot rule out new gas emissions in the Arctic and in some cases they can ignite.”

Some researchers believe that the speed with which sinkholes are formed in Siberia are linked directly to climate change. If climate change continue to heat up the planet, the formation of permafrost sinkholes will continue to increase.




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