The Measles Infection Is Spreading Slowly But Surely, When Will It End

The number of measles cases is growing slowly but surely. The infectious disease is still out of control. The official tally according to the CDC is already up to 154 patients in 17 states including the District of Columbia U.S. health officials revealed.

The number of cases last week was 141. There is an increase of 11 infections.

It was last December 2014 when the disaster struck at Disneyland’s two theme parks in California. The suspected source of infection according to CDC was more likely a foreign holiday seeker or a resident of the country coming home from abroad. It was not an undocumented worker that brought it here in the US.

The latest information, still coming from the CDC is that the measles strain that is creating havoc right now in the country has been traced and is highly endemic in the Philippines, although the same strain can found in Brazil, England, and some places in the U.S.

Measles virus is common in many countries of the world which include some countries in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and Africa, the CDC said.

What makes things worse here in the US is the presence of many unvaccinated people which are highly responsible in spreading the virus from one place to another as they move among the general population, the agency noted.

The CDC reported that, as of Feb. 20, most infections have been present in California, with 104 cases. Other states reporting cases include Arizona, 7 cases; Colorado, 1 case; District of Columbia, 2 cases; Delaware, 1 case; Georgia, 1 case; Illinois, 14 cases; Michigan, 1 case; Minnesota, 1 case; Nebraska, 2 cases; New Jersey, 1 case; New York, 2 cases; Nevada, 6 cases; Pennsylvania, 1 case; South Dakota, 2 cases; Texas, 1 case; Utah, 2 cases; and Washington, 5 cases.

Majority of the cases, approximately 118 cases or 77 percent have been linked to the Disneyland outbreak, California health officials reported. Without the Disneyland outbreak the number of the people infected would have been down to 36 people only.

It was thought that measles was totally eradicated in the U.S. since 2000. A declaration was said to this effect. However there was a resurgence of the infection last year, with 544cases spread in 27 states. This is the worst since the year 2000.

The number of infected people annually since 2000 and prior to the epidemic in 2014 were as low as 37 cases.

The present outbreak. according to public health officials, was aggravated by parents who are hesitant to have their children vaccinated against measles. Parents should have their children immunized and adults who are not sure of being vaccinated should also submit themselves for vaccination, the CDC declared.

Parents give several reasons for resisting the call for vaccination such as religious affiliations, personal beliefs and for medical grounds. The major reason was of course the erroneous report that attributes autism to MMR vaccines, the CDC said.



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