Approximately 19% of Medical Identity Theft Victims Have Had Their Carriers Jeopardized While 3% Lost Their Jobs.

Patients’ medical identity would be compromised when their PHI gets stolen. Furthermore, health providers are expected to abide by HIPAA standards or they be fined heavily besides damaging their reputations and put their patient’s security at risk.

According to the fifth annual Medical Identity study from the Ponemon Institute, there’s a rise in medical identity theft by 21.7% since 2014. The study was carried out to figure out how extensive this crime has been going on in the US and what are necessary safeguards healthcare providers, consumers, and the concerned government agencies should put in place to contain and stop it from spreading some more. The result was culled from multiple survey returns from 1,005 adult consumers.

All in all, forty five percent of those who were surveyed said that medical identity theft had an effect on their reputation and 89% of those who were surveyed suffered embarrassment with regards to the inadvertent disclosure of confidential data. Still others said their carrier prospects were jeopardized as a result of identity theft, which is at 19% and 3% said they were terminated from their jobs because of it.

Around 50% of those who were interviewed who had suffered from identity thief expressed their loss of trust and confidence on their healthcare providers. Another 15% of those who experienced medical identity thief said it has no bearing on their confidence and trust in their healthcare providers.

The study also revealed that those who were interviewed believed that it was the negligence in the part of the healthcare provider that led to the theft of medical data. When questioned about the degree of their trust in the ability of their healthcare provider to protect their medical records from theft, 68% answered in the negative and only 37% of those interviewed answered in the positive.

Despite their loss of confidence in their healthcare provider to keep their PHI safe and secure, 79% of those who were interviewed said that healthcare providers should take the proper procedures to keep their records well protected. It was 82% in 2013. Approximately 43% of those who were interviewed said that if ever their healthcare provider lose or have their PHI records hacked, they will consider transferring to another one.

Another 40% of those who were interviewed said that if their data is compromised, it would be important that they should be verified immediately. A lot of those interviewed were not aware of medical identity thief until after three months have had elapsed already. Worse, 30 percent didn’t know that there records were already exposed.



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