Bald Eagle to be Released: Another Successful Rescue

On Tuesday, February 24 at 12:30 p.m., the Wildlife Center of Virginia, a leading education and research hospital for native wildlife will release a rescued bald eagle at Chippokes Plantation State Park in Surry County.

The release is said to be free for the public to witness and they are welcome to meet at the Visitor Center of the Park. The address is 695 Chippokes Park Road, Surry VA 23883. To those who are interested in being at the eagle release, they are requested to RSVP the center at The President and Co-founder of the Wildlife Center, Ed Clark, will be taking part in the release along with the other individuals who gave their aid in the rescue of this eagle.

Bald Eagle was first found by a group of hunters while in the woods in Surry County on December 20. The hunters notified authorized people and asked for help while staying with the eagle until Dana Lusher, a rehabilitator, came and took the eagle for further examination. The eagle was brought to a local veterinarian for treatment and was transferred to the Wildlife Center in Waynesboro the next day.

The Bald Eagle was taken in as patient #14-2406 (the 2, 406th patient of 2014) and had a thorough physical examination which included radiographs and blood work. The Center’s veterinary staff came across with two large puncture wounds which were on the eagle’s right shoulder and on the left side of its chest. The injuries were caused from a fight with another eagle. The wounds were then cleaned and stitched to close it as an anti-inflammatory agent was administered with antibiotics and pain medication.

When the eagle’s wounds were completely healed, it was again brought to one of the outdoor pens of the Center to facilitate its recovery. The staff of the Center veterinary and rehabilitation were determined to make the eagle fly again so they made their greatest effort to exercise the eagle for several weeks until it was able to fly well and was ready to be returned to the wild. This Tuesday is the first release of a Bald Eagle for the year 2015 by the Center. In 2014, the Center had a record of 11 Bald Eagles in their care that were released that same year and were equipped with GPS and transmitters to easily track them. Those eagles are now turning in from Pennsylvania, Maryland and South Carolina.




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