Google to make blogs with pornographic contents (images and videos) private in Blogger

Google’s Blogger served as a haven for millions and millions of users worldwide. It allows the users to share their sentiments, emotions, feelings, videos, images and almost anything under the sun.

But there is a bad news for those who are fond of viewing and sharing sexually explicit contents in the platform. Google has just disclosed on its post that blogs with graphic sexual content (nudity, erotic, hardcore, sexual activity, smut or anything that is associated with pornography) will no longer be visible to the public beginning on March 23, 2015.

The contents will remain intact but since it is already private, blog contents can only be viewed by the owners or administrators of the blog, to the individuals who the owner has shared the blog with or through invitations only.

If a blog with adult contents is made after March 23, Google may eliminate the blog or resort to taking other action if the adult content violates its rules.

The “other action” is still vague, but this may lead to losing all of the blog contents. Google has just started on purging its Blogger platform and it is vent on making its blogging tool wholesome and user-friendly. Though some called the action as censorship and hostile on the part of those are connected with adult blogs, Google has the right to make its own policies and obviously the company is no longer happy with the adult contents on its Blogging site.

Google will not get rid of the blog with adult contents but will make it private and it will now be restricted for public viewing. If a blogger persists on keeping his blog publicly viewable he should eliminate explicit contents or opts for making it private. Another alternative for the blogger to keep his blogs viewable on the web is to start looking for another platform and transfer all of his files there from Blogger.

According to the post, “We’ll still allow nudity if the content offers a substantial public benefit, for example in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts.”

The latest announcement of Google on Monday has opened the floodgate for the netizens to voice out their opinions in various forums. The users stated that they had obtained email messages from Google notifying them of the latest change in policy.

The current rules of Blogger permit sexually explicit contents (images or videos that have nudity or sexual activity), but the blog should be tagged as “adult” in the settings of the Blogger.

Blogs that are labeled as “adult” comes with an “adult content” warning before users opt to access them.


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