Six Million Dollar Man’s “Bionic Eyes” are Now Available for People Suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa,

Seeing your wife for the first time after getting married to her for almost ten years must be a very wonderful feeling.

This is what happened to Michigan man Allen Zderad, 68. He saw his wife Carmen after a bionic eye was embedded in his right eye, thanks to a new technology developed by the Mayo Clinic.

The technology involves a minute “wafer like chip embedded in his right eye” that emits “light wave signals to the optic nerve. The technology was the created by the Second Sight, Inc.

“It’s something that we’ve worked for decades to develop,” said Dr. Raymond Iezzi Jr., Mayo Clinic Ophthalmologist & Eye Surgeon. “And Mr. Zderad, I think, is the perfect candidate. His attitude and enthusiasm are contagious and I think that those qualities are going to help him in his rehabilitation process.”

After the” bionic eye” was finally connected to prosthetic glasses, Zderad began to see shapes of objects and human forms, similar to that of his wife.

“It’s crude but it’s significant,” said Zderad. “It’ll work!”

The dramatic video of Zderad after seeing his wife for the first time was really touching. He suffered from retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition that involves the retina. This type of eye disease is untreatable.

Zderad’s grandson brought him to Dr. Iezzi of the Mayo Clinic. He received treatment there for the same condition.

More adjustments are required before patients like Zredad to have clearer sight according to Dr.Iezzi. The technology holds a lot of promise. For the moment Zredad is just happy to be able to see his wife again.

“I would like to say I think he’s a remarkable man, when you consider what he’s overcome in dealing with his visual disability,” said Dr. Iezzi. “I’m just humbled and tremendously impressed by him. I think he’s an inspiration to us all.”



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