A Simple Case of Circumcision Has Now Become A National Sensation

In many countries, circumcisions are done without too much ado. Thousands if not millions of boys are circumcised every summer vacation. For many, this is the rite of passage from being just a boy to being an adult. Of course, there are many baby circumcisions done in the hospitals but these are rare occasions. Circumcisions are also considered a part of proper hygiene.

The foreskin tends to accumulate bio dirt and becomes an excellent hiding place for infectious germs, although this is not much of a problem in highly develop countries where people put premium on body hygiene.

However, a circumcision could take on a different meaning when there is a clash of personal preference or belief. It can become a symbol that goes beyond the rite of cutting the foreskin performed by either a medicine man, a doctor, or even a rabbi for that matter.

This is what seems to be happening between the estranged Florida couple. The ongoing wrangling between the two has put the baby and circumcision on the spot.  This has been going for a year and there seem to be a no compromise coming that will put an end to the battle of wills. The father is determined to go on with despite last-minute legal maneuver and plans of protests.

Dennis Nebus, the 4-year-old boy’s father, has a court document that allows him to proceed with the circumcision surgery this coming Tuesday.  This caused a response from the mother by filing her own legal papers in the court. Heather Remus, the mother promised demonstrations by anti-circumcision activists who are using the case to call an awareness to what they call a barbaric act.

There was initial agreement between parents to have the baby circumcised. However the mother had a change of heart and instead a file a court case to stop it.

Circuit and appellate judges have sided with the father, but he says, “The mother hasn’t signed paperwork to allow the procedure to happen.”




  1. Vivi Mack says

    Empire State Tribune, you say Journalism Comes First! Then don’t be biased and narrow minded!
    Shame on you for belittling this horrific procedure in which children’s genitals are maimed for unnecessary and false reasons.
    This boy is healthy and happy – he does not need body modifications to fit his fathers demands or a an ignorant country’s standards.
    You write: “Thousands if not millions of boys are circumcised every summer vacation.” …. Just because so many parents do that to their children does not make it right! Have you any idea about how many girls get mutilated every year?
    If this was not Chase, but Chelsea instead, the whole country would be roaring about it!

  2. Adam Cornish says

    Wow. Incredible article, from a news outlet whose motto is “Journalism Comes First”. You might want to change that to “Our Author’s Views Come First, Journalism Comes Next”.
    In the many countries where circumcision is done without much ado, the religion is Muslim or Jewish. The practice is religious, not secular. There are only a handful of countries where non-religious circumcision is done, the US and South Korea standing out. Non-religious circumcision is a big deal Its legality has been challenged in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Holland, and elsewhere.
    The foreskin accumulates biodirt? Really? More than the labia in a female? And washing this away is a problem? Do your ear canals accumulate biodirt? Yes. Is it a problem worthy of surgery? There is exactly zero evidence that the accumulation of germs under the foreskin contributes to disease. There are many more germs in your mouth, and they don’t contribute to disease, either.
    Making stuff up is not really a writer’s job in journalism, just in fiction.

  3. Bill says

    I doubt that the innocent kid in that picture is going to understand why someone took half the skin of his penis away.
    As far as circumcision = proper hygiene, why is it that European disease rates are lower than American disease rates, despite the fact that they circumcise almost never, and Americans circumcise much of the time? Perhaps that belief needs to be adjusted. In the US, medical study after medical study shows that there is no advantage to circumcision regarding diseases. The Navy study in on an aircraft carrier in Iraq showed cut and uncut even, the clinic in Puerto Rico showed circumcised men more likely to be infected.
    Is Florida a place where a boy needs surgery to prevent “biodirt”, or could he just shower it away?
    Really, the Empire State Tribune’s lack of concern for unneeded surgery on this kid is gut-level appalling. Go back and look his picture in the eye, and think about what is happening to him today. Is it the right thing, or not?

  4. Karl says

    You say that in many countries circumcision is routine. True. But not true of any modern civilized Western country. It’s only true in very backward countries, namely the Muslim ones, and of course in Israel. Unfortunately it’s also true here in the sometimes insanely backward USA. All because some doctor thought it would keep boys from playing with themselves. And of course the Jewish doctors won’t oppose it. Plus, it’s a quick and easy way for doctors to charge more for their “care” of the newborn boy. Why is it rare in the developed world? Because it’s undisputed fact that there is no medical need for circumcision except in very rare cases. The foreskin has developed as has many other features of the human body to protect us from our environment. It is a natural and necessary protection to that sensitive part of the male anatomy. But for insane religious regions, people go for it. The worst thing is they mutilate infant boys in the name of their stupid beliefs. Religious freedom? Sure, go and circumcize yourself as an adult if you want. But when you mutilate a minor you deprive him of his religious freedom. Which is actually the point. If these barbarians believed in freedom of religion, they would leave the boy’s penis alone and let him decide when he is an adult. In my opinion, all infant circumcision should be banned except in those rare cases where doctors agree it is medically necessary. I say throw all circumcizers in jail. I encourage every male who has been circumcized to sue those responsible. Hit them in the pocket book and they will stop.

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