Republicans Have Had A Change of Heart Knowing they are Fighting a Losing Battle In Florida

The once unaccepted Medical Marijuana is now being approved by republican lawmakers in Florida, encouraged by the voters who have shown their support of the idea of legalizing Medical Marijuana. They are also worried that another constitutional amendment for the next year’s presidential race would urge an opposing party to the polls.

A low-potency strains of Marijuana had already been allowed last year when lawmakers in the GOP-controlled Florida Legislature passed a law on it to help a small group of patients. Yet, many people complained that it was insufficient and fought through it with a constitutional amendment that would bring an increase to the availability for the benefit of the sick. It garnered 58% of votes in November, yet a 60% vote is required to be able to get through under Florida law.

The defeat was unexpected since people had given their full support with efforts across the US to legalize Marijuana for medical purposes and recreational use. Amendment 2 has the highest supporters, more than any statewide candidate. This is drives the introduction of Medical Marijuana bills for the legislative session this coming March 3.

“It’s the ultimate poll,” said Sen. Jeff Brandes, a Republican. “It shows that there is momentum for this issue, that it will likely pass in the future and that there is an ability right now in this window of time to address this issue in the legislative process.”

“There’s a lot of things in that bill that resemble the problems with the constitutional amendment,” said Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, the legislative chair of the Sheriffs association. “There’s a lot of loose language in it that would allow probably de facto recreational use.”

The Sheriffs suggest that there should be some limitations in the usage and that the medicine should not be smoked.

In other states, it was found that many are against using the medicine by smoking and that it should be used in the form of capsules, lozenges ,drinks, foods, and other kinds .

The Marijuana Medicine is said to have been legalized in some states such as Florida for small populations and for medical research. It is also now under consideration in Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina .

The Senate and the House are only considering authorizing people with certain ailments to use the medicine such as AIDS, epilepsy, Lou Gehrig’s disease and multiple sclerosis. However, people suffering from chronic pain, nausea or seizures and other illness that are not on the list are not allowed to use it.




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