Recent investigation says phone has more germs, bacteria, fungi, dirt than toilet

Who do you think will win if your phone squares off with toilet on which is dirtier or better perhaps, on which has more germs. BuzzFeedBlue already knew the outcomes of this interesting battle since it has already whipped up an investigation on this, and the results were yucky (sorry for the word though).

An assistant professor at the University of Southern California in the Molecular Microbiology and Immunology department, Dr. William DePaolo, compared the two on which has more bacteria by testing swabs that are taken from the screen panel displays of the mobile devices of  BuzzFeedBlue’s  employees and swabs obtained from BuzzFeedBlue’s corporate toilet.

The investigation will reveal that the swabs taken from the toilet had three various kinds of bacterial and fungal species, while the swabs taken from the handsets contained an average of 10 to 12 different types of bacterial and fungal species.

When you ponder on this further, the results of the investigation will not throw you right off since our phones are with us wherever we go, including comfort rooms, outdoors, etc. This implies that we tend to come across with more tiny life forms that are invisible to our naked eyes.

On the other end, the toilets are frequently cleaned by the hard working janitors and they are even given regular baths of disinfectants.

But there is a pitfall on the model of the study since a corporate toilet had been used as a sample to represent the toilet. A company toilet that is cleaned regularly is considered while the toilets of the individuals that took part in the investigation at home weren’t.

But still, reading this write-up is quite rewarding since you now know that your phone may serve as a haven for germs, fungi and dirt. But don’t you worry since you can easily get rid of the dirt, bacteria and fungi by simply cleaning your handset. Take off the phone case from the handset and clean it with soap and water. Be sure that the phone case is dry before you put it back on the phone.

To clean the phone minus its case CNET suggests rubbing a dry toothbrush (unused is better) around the small ports and crevices to get rid of the small pieces of dirt, dust, debris and fluff.

You may also settle for a pack of pre-made electronic wipes in cleaning your phone but see to it that you stay out from liquid cleaning products. Always turn off your gadget before cleaning and utilize a clean cloth to wipe your phone when you are done sanitizing.


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