Recent study says breastfeeding boosts babies’ immunity, prevents allergies

More and more studies have been whipped up for the past many many years about the importance of breastfeeding. The vast majority of the studies have startling discoveries to tell like many benefits and advantages, although in the psyche of millions and millions of moms and pediatricians in four corners of the world, breastfeeding is a must for babies.

Breastfeeding reduce expenses, it is always fresh and it is believed to be a great way of providing beneficial nutrients to the babies.

Now there is a new study that has just sprouted out like a mushroom from elsewhere and has just made an astounding claim which appears to be true and appealing.

The new study says that breastfeeding plays significant roles in influencing the bacteria in the digestive system to bolster the babies’ immune system. And here’s more, the people behind the study also discovered that breastfeeding could help protect babies from scores of common allergies.

The research team whipped up six different studies on gut bacteria in babies, and discovered that the difference in the gut bacteria could have been influenced on several factors such as ethnicity/ethnicity of the mother, exposure to tobacco before and after birth, period of time in the womb and presence of pets at home.

The researchers quipped, “For years now, we’ve always thought that a sterile environment was not good for babies. Our research shows why. Exposure to these microorganisms, or bacteria, in the first few months after birth actually help(s) stimulate the immune system.”

The humans’ immune system is  built to be exposed to bacteria at a sizable manner, and plays a role in shaping up the vitality of individuals’ immune system. This implies that the babies who are exposed to an assortment of bacteria during their earlier years, their immune system tends to be better compared to the ones who have limited exposure to bacteria.

The researchers also discovered that the gut bacteria that is present in breastfed babies is better than those babies who weren’t breastfed. This means that babies that were breastfed have better immunity compared to those who weren’t breastfed.

The results of this study were shown at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology annual meeting in Houston last February 21, 2015.


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