Study: Peanut Allergies are Soon to be a Thing of the Past

Peanuts is one of the all-time snack food in the world. It may also be the same here in the U.S

Three million Americans are allergic to all kinds of nuts and, out of these, most of them are allergic to peanuts especially. They just don’t what they’re missing.

But their problem is maybe over. A new study says the allergy patch Viaskin is showing promise.

Take the case of nine- year-old boy.

JoshMandlebaum. He’s even allergic to handshake, or touching other people. He’s a tennis player and one thing he dread the most might be losing the game, but the handshake before and after each match is something he’s not  looking forward to.

“Whenever I walked into a tennis match, I was scared that if I shook someone else’s hand that I could have a reaction,” he said.

And, oh, he’s severely allergic to peanuts.

“There was nothing short of avoiding the food and like being that parent that looks everywhere,” said Josh’s mother Lianne Mandelbaum.

Josh is being treated for his peanut allergy using a new peanut allergy therapy trial with 221 others. He is wearing a peanut protein disseminating patch.

The goal is to condition the skin cells gradually to peanuts. The outcome is encouraging so far, with no serious side effects except for some minimal uneasiness.

The study discovered that the patch enable the volunteers to develop higher resistance to peanuts. Fifty percent of the volunteers could consume up to four peanuts by year’s end.

“The big advantage with this patch is the safety and convenience,” said Dr. Hugh Sampson with Mount Sinai in New York. “With the patch we see local reactions but no systemic reactions.”

The study is only in its first year. Several more years more is going to be required and larger trials will be needed before the patch is ready for public use.

Coming back to Josh, he can eat a quarter of a peanut without any allergic reactions last year. It has increased to two peanuts lately.

Two peanuts is nothing of course but considering he can play without having to dread the handshake part, I’d say that’s really something.



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