Why people are fascinated and fond of drunk people on YouTube

YouTube fans have developed their fondness for things that brings ohs and ahs as well as great laughs.  YouTube videos that showcases car crashes, natural disasters, bloopers, tricks, breathtaking stunts and messes are among the most widely viewed. Moreover, people are fascinated and are cinched to get glued to funny moments that are silly, unusual and embarrassing.

The videos of drunken people that spill fun-filled disasters and antics are truly loved by the netizens and are shared in different popular social network platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Why is it that people are fond of watching YouTube videos featuring people that are laced with too much of alcohol? This could be answered by the latest study that is spearheaded by Brian A. Primack, M.D., Ph.D. who is also the director of CRMTH and assistant vice chancellor for health and society in the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences.

Primack said that people tends to excessively magnify and put the spotlight on the drunken folks’ behavior.

Primack quips, “There has been little research examining Internet-based, alcohol-related messaging.” And adds, “While we know that some viewers may be savvy enough to skeptically view music videos or advertisements portraying intoxication as fun, those same viewers may be less cynical when viewing user-generated YouTube videos portraying humorous and socially rewarding escapades of a group of intoxicated peers.”

YouTube has been an essential channel in learning behavioral patterns. If one wishes to learn about something that is in general, the Google search engine is a great way to start right off the blocks. YouTube provide videos that are rich in contents and majority of the contents here is an amalgam of visual information, written information, and group discussion. Moreover, YouTube is an acquisition of Google in 2006 so it is way too easy to look for YouTube videos and links when you make searches using Google.

Bandwagon effect and domino effect also have roles to play on the popularity of the drunk folks along with their countless blunders and infamous adventures in YouTube. People tend to see videos that have gotten popular and viral especially those which already amassed 100,000 to 1,000,000 million page views. Videos with lots of page views tend to get more and more popular in YouTube.

Primack stated that, “Combined, these videos had been viewed about a third of a billion times. They tended to involve males more than females, and almost half (44 percent) referred to a specific brand name of alcohol. While active intoxication was frequently shown (86 percent), only a few (7 percent) referred to alcohol dependence or withdrawal.”


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