Will Changing the Formula of Measles Vaccines Creates a Change of Heart among Anti-Vaccine’s Group

 Well there be a change of heart among anti-vaccine groups if the measles vaccine formula is changed? What if the measles vaccine will just be for measles without those for rubella and mumps? Health officials can explore this possibility and ask the public’s consensus regarding this.

Then a new clinical study should be performed and the results should be written by non- government affiliated scientists. The results then should be published in lay man’s term for everyone to understand better.

At present, just about everybody has their own say about the ongoing controversy about measles vaccines. Scientists, health experts, bloggers, little children the man on the street, government officials, politicians and even the president himself. Reading or listening to what many of them of what have to say may prove to be more confusing.

The truth is that vaccines do help. The death toll all over the world has decreased to a fraction of what they were before. It’s the same here in the country. Let’s say that there might be an instance that it did cause autism to children, which is according to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, impossible as being hit by lighting twice. Side effects are not limited to measles vaccines only. They do occur in almost all kinds of medical procedures and medicines.

Keep your family safe, submit yourself to measles vaccination together with your entire family. It will help the entire community as well. Don’t believe in herd immunity. It won’t work. Anti-vaccination groups may have their own experts but they don’t have the experience and the facilities to prove their contentions.

Everyone should be vaccinated. Children between 12 to 15 months of age are illegible for for the vaccines. That’s the first dose. The booster dose should be availed as well. When the child reach the age of 6 years old he/she should get the second dose. The measles vaccine is more popularly known as MMR vaccine or measles, mumps and rubella. You kids will also get protection from mumps and rubella, two highly contagious diseases as well.


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