Study Reveal Similarities of Size and Density between Ancient Cities and Modern Cities

A recent study was made  to determine the difference between ancient cities and modern cities with regards to their size and density. The result showed surprising similarities and maybe some differences as well.

The research data as the researcher describes it, showed that modern cities with large populations and density resembled the features of ancient cities. The researchers further said that the character of the people living in the community of ancient cities had also some similarities with those of people in modern cities. The study was conducted by the researchers of Santa Fe Institute and at the University of Colorado Boulder. Their main goal was to know the range of capabilities of the settlers and to find out if the current cities and ancient cities are of the same in character.

Scott Ortman, Researcher at Department of Anthropology, University of Colorado Boulder says,“Our findings indicate the fundamental processes behind the emergence of scaling in modern cities have structured human settlement organization throughout human history, and that contemporary urban systems are best-conceived as lying on a continuum with the smaller-scale settlement systems known from historical and archaeological research.”

The researchers were working in separate groups. They analyzed the formation and  the proportional measurements of both the modern and ancient cities. They did some some rough estimates on how monuments were constructed, housing styles, the number of people settling in a region and more. They discovered that in places or regions where there was a higher density of population,  productivity is likewise higher.

Ortman also stated that the outcome of their study amazed him.

He said that however, the modern world is completely different form the ancient world when it comes to capitalism, democracy, industrialization and others. It was also observed that that when a population of a certain area expands, then the productivity of that same area would also increase. A small number of standard system that were being used in the ancient human societies happen to be  almost the same to what we are currently using in our modern urban system. Some of the ancient systems were carried over to our modern way of living.

“It was amazing and unbelievable,” stated Ortman “We’ve been raised on a steady diet, telling us that, thanks to capitalism, industrialization, and democracy, the modern world is radically different from worlds of the past. What we found here is that the fundamental drivers of robust socioeconomic patterns in modern cities precede all that.”


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