The Department of Health: No End In Sight for Measles Outbreak Which Remains Largely Uncontrolled

The Disneyland measles continues to spread. There’s still no end in sight for the outbreak. More cases are being reported in several places where it managed to infect. The number of people who are afflicted by the virus have grown to 123 in California alone. Additional 26 cases from seven other states along with Canada and Mexico were also confirmed.  There are a dozen of counties affected in California. .

Since the measles outbreak, 16 infants were already diagnosed with it and lately two more additional cases were reported according to the Department of Public Health.

The haste with which the infection was able to spread is being blamed on the people who refused to get vaccinated. People can opt to get exemptions for reasons such as personal religious beliefs.  Some states are now trying to have personal beliefs removed from exemptions.

The anti-vaccine groups are also making the matter worse. They are being influenced by an erroneous medical study that said measles vaccination will lead to autism for their children.

Children who are at least 12-15 months old should be given the MMR vaccines with a second dose should be given when the child is 4-6 years olds already. Before that, they are also highly susceptible to get infected.

Aside from California, other states with confirmed cases of measles are Arizona (five), Utah (three), Washington (two), Michigan (one), Oregon (one), Colorado (one) and Nebraska (one) — as well as Canada (10) and Mexico (two).

Orange County, in California, has the highest number of cases which is more than 30 followed by Los Angeles with 30.

The breakdown of the infection shows that 56 percent of infected are 20 years old or older and many of them were unvaccinated. In California, approximately 20 percent of those diagnosed were hospitalized.  This information was issued by the CDC.

Health officials confirmed that the virus strain is similar to those found in the Philippines. It’s known as the B3 type. However, the same strains are also found in countries such as Brazil, Australia, England and Germany. It’s also present in 6 states in the US.

“The genotype is really the genetic fingerprint of the virus, and so it certainly tells us the number of cases that we have been seeing in California likely all relate to that individual that began at Disneyland,” said Dr. Matt Zahn, medical director of epidemiology for Orange County.

“The California Department of Public Health has not identified the source country for the measles outbreak,” said state epidemiologist Gil Chavez.

At the moment, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued travel advisories for those who want to travel to the Philippines and Vietnam.



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