Explosive Kittens: A blockbuster and record-breaking card game in Kickstarter

Countless individuals are truly in love and fond of cats and the testament of this is the explosive Kickstarter campaign of the Exploding Kittens which even shattered the existing record held by Ouya.

Exploding Kittens card game was up whipped by the triumvirate of Xbox game designers Elan Lee and Shane Small and The Oatmeal’s The Exploding Kittens has just ousted Ouya as the highest-funded project in Kickstarter’s games category.

The project piled up pledges worth $8,782,571 shattering the previous record of Ouya’s $8,596,474 and also checked in at third overall in the campaigns that raked in the most money of all-time.

The card game’s feat doesn’t end there as it also cornered the record for the biggest number of backers with 219,382 which is a far cry from the 100,000+ backers posted by Reading Rainbow.

The Exploding Kittens is a card game that will reward the players with immense wit, nerves, solid strategies and well, even luck. The authors of the game describe the game as a feline-powered variant of the Russian Roulette. The players will take turns in drawing cards until someone picks the exploding kitten and absorb a fiery setback.

The card game deck is consists of cards that will allow the players to avoid exploding by peeking at the card before picking it to force the opposing players to either draw multiple cards or shuffle the deck.

The game becomes heart-pounding and exciting as the game wears on since the fewer the cards the better is the likelihood of drawing the hapless kitten that explodes like a very powerful bomb.

The game also features special cards that will allow players to neutralize the bomb or give the players special powers in the game.

The creators of the card game is very thankful to those who supported the project and for those who missed out on getting the look and feel of being a lover of cat, goat, laser beam, explosions and the list goes on,  you may visit this link and sign up for the mailing list. You will receive a reply once the card game becomes available again.


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