Kansas Man Succumbs to Togothovirus, is First Human Victim.

U.S. Health authorities are trying to find the connection between the anew virus strain to the death of Kansas man who got sick being bitten by a tick. He died two weeks later after suffering from organ failure.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that it’s cooperating with Kansas health officials in searching for other cases. The virus was named “Bourbon”, the same county name where the man resided. .

The virus is a member of a species known as togothovirus according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday. This is the first case that the highly pathogenic virus caused illness and human death in the U.S. It is also the eight time that a person has been diagnosed with this type of illness according to an article published Friday in the CDC’s Emerging Infectious Diseases journal.

The Kansas man was working on an outdoor job in Bourbon County last year, CDC revealed, when went to consult a doctor after finding a bloated tick on his shoulder and few days later got sick.

The article mentioned that he had fever and complained of headache.  He was prescribed with an antibiotic usually given against tick-borne diseases.

There was no improvement in his condition. His kidney failed slowly, he had difficulty in breathing and died on the 11th day of his illness.

Prior to his illness, the man who was in fifties was considered to be in excellent health. the CDC mentioned in its report. The virus was identified by examining the man’s blood sample.

The recent discovery of Heartland virus in Missouri, which may have connection to ticks, led the CDC to say that “the public health burden of these pathogens has been underestimated.”

“Next-generation sequencing, a fairly new technology that can scan blood samples for many viruses or bacteria at once, will help health researchers make similar discoveries in the future,” the CDC said.



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