Sprint launches new enticing data plans to attract new customers and retain its subscribers

T-Mobile has been very aggressive for the past several months and its hard work paid off as it claimed that it has surpassed its chief rival Sprint as the country’s third largest wireless carrier in the United States. Verizon is currently in first position and checking in at second spot is AT&T.

But Sprint will not buck down easily with the setback and is vent to regain the third position it has relinquished by offering an enticing new plan that is built to lure back subscribers into its fold, retain its existing customers and attract many more customers.

Sprint named its new promo as “best family share plan” which offers a hefty 12GB of shared data for four lines for a monthly rate of $90. For its current customers the company will reduce the price of its data access charge for each of the lines from $25 to just $15 a big mark down. So this implies that for a household with four users the total monthly charge would be $150 based on the monthly rate of $90 plus 60 ($15 per line x 4) for 12GB of shared data that comes with unlimited calling and text messaging.

The company has also stated that it will also offer lower data access charge on all of its data plans that comes with at least 12GB of shared data.

New customers transferring to Sprint will have the data access charge waived on all plans with at least 12GB of shared data for 12 months, supposed that the handsets are acquired through the company’s Sprint Easy Pay monthly payment plan this will bring to a total monthly charge of $90 for 12GB of data that is good for up to 10 lines. This offer is similar with AT&T’s offer which comes with a rollover feature.

The wireless had groped for form for the past several years, but thanks to the appointment of its new CEO Marcelo Claure in 2013, the company has been coming up with competitive pricing and enticing offers.

Earlier this year, Sprint offered to reduce the bills of AT&T and Verizon customers by a jaw dropping 50%.  The company had disclosed its earnings this month and stated that the company’s total number of customers increased to 967,000 in the most latest quarter, up by 682,000 customers compared with the same period last year. Though this sounds remarkable it is way below the 2.1 million new customers T-Mobile had attracted on its fold for the same period.

Sprint will also continue to buy out its rival’s customers’ contracts. The company’s offer will run until March 12, 2015.


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