Survival Rate Against Cancer Is Showing a Lot of Promise

Cancer has been one of the leading causes of death among Americans, yet a study of a present records has revealed that cancer survival rates are getting higher in America. Reasons could be that most people now are healthier or the medicines used for treatment in cancer patients may be more effective than before. Americans are indeed making a huge effort towards beating cancer.

A study was conducted to look into how patients react to different ways of treatments. The study was led by Dr. Karim Chamie, a member of UCLA Jonson Comprehensive Cancer Center with his team. “Doctors and patients view radiation as safe,” says Dr. Chamie. The associate professor of urology added: “There’s no anesthesia or hospitalization, the patient comes in for 15 or 20 minutes for their daily radiation treatment, it’s localized to a specific area, then they get to go home. They often don’t notice any immediate effects upfront.”

As for prostate cancer, Dr. Chamie carried on by saying: “Men fighting this disease don’t always need radiation or surgery as their only choice. As we find more reports demonstrating the safety and efficacy of active surveillance, I hope patients and physicians look to this as the first treatment option for low-risk and indolent disease. Here at UCLA, I am proud to say that we have a robust active surveillance program that utilizes MRI and targeted biopsies to monitor and survey these indolent tumors.”

Another doctor of the Cancer Epidemiology Research Program at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, Dr. Wei Zheing, “Although survival rates for most cancers have improved over the past few decades, the improvements were less remarkable among elderly patients,” stated Dr. Wei Zheng, the lead researcher and co-leader in Nashville.

“In general our study shows different segments benefit differently from recent advances in oncology. We need to find out the reason.”

“Additionally research is needed to find the reasons why there are gaps.”


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